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UVA Wise 2011 ALPHA Classic

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UVAW 2011 ALPHA Classic Day 2

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Prom 2013

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Your Bio

Hello, my name is Cindy Williams.

I have always been interested in photography, visually exploring life's moments; first in film, then digital. Initially, my main focus was life photography, but for the last several years I have been able to focus more on helping others turn their memories into timeless treasures.

I have studied photography and been blessed over the years with the rare opportunity to work with the best photographers in this area; exploring their various styles, techniques and unique perspectives.

I have experience shooting in various venues and unique lighting situations and I use vintage, traditional and modern photographic techniques.

My specialties include:

Weddings | On-Location Portraits | Special Events
Sports | Landscapes | Commercial

"You make the memory, I make it timeless" ℠


Cindy is a multi-award winning and internationally published photographer. Cindy’s photography has been displayed in many venues and competitions and her work has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines.
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